Saturday, 11 October 2014

A change is as good as a rest

Ha, would you believe I had a post in draft since July?  Yes, I can believe it too.  But it was completely blank!  I think I was trying to blog from work but the browser is too old to work (we've just upgraded(!) to Explorer 9.  Whut.) - they're onto me I think!

So I've forgotten to post since then. Sorry about that folks. 

But the good news is I lost weight in Orlando! :D
4.6lbs to be exact. Isn't that amazing?! My friends all say I'm the only one they know who can go on holiday and actually lose weight. It's a gift I guess ;-)

There was lots of walking involved.  Around theme parks, around Aquatica water park - the stairs to the tops of the slides were NO joke! The first one we went on was 102 steps, I counted! The others were between 60-100 - and around the malls... lots of walking.
And I wasn't dieting either - there were trips to the Cheesecake Factory (blah.), P.F. Changs (my new favourite restaurant in the WORLD), burgers, fries, Cheetos, shrimp and a few Icees + churro snack breaks.

So clearly the plan is to walk everywhere now *lol*.  The weather in Scotland is sadly not as good for that as in Orlando, although today the sun is out but the temperature isn't even in double digits yet so no shorts and t-shirts for me!

Speaking of shorts - omg - my thighs rubbed together so badly the first day! I was shopping in the mall and had a maxi dress on and no protection underneath like shorts because it was so freakin' hot, and when I got back to the apartment my inner thighs had bright red circles on them that were actually raised like there were red velvet pancakes stuck on my legs! OH that was sore.  Thankfully I had bought some Compeed blister stick on a whim before we flew out - that stuff SAVED MY LIFE.  I'm not even remotely kidding. I rubbed it on every morning after that and it helped my legs from, well they still rubbed together but there wasn't as much friction because it created a barrier.  It took about a week before my legs started to look normal again but I used it for the rest of the holiday. I love that stuff. Worth the money (the actual plasters are expensive for what they are so I wasn't sure if I wanted to get both - *so* glad I decided to go for it). 

Long story short - I shouldn't try to dress cute. Yet.

I haven't updated the weigh-ins page yet because I'm still over the last weight that was on there, but as soon as I pass it we are starting again! I hope you can stick with me til then, it's going to be a long road.

Part of the reason I lost weight on holiday - I think - is because I was so much less stressed than I was before I left! I had news from home at the end of the first week that my boss had been moved teams at work (and we hadn't been getting along, shall we say), and as soon as I read the message I instantly felt lighter! It helped me to really let myself enjoy the holiday and not be worried or stressed about what I was going home to, which has been the case in the past. I felt so carefree that I wasn't starting to comfort eat like I had been the week before (I try not to but there's so much choice in the US it's really hard!) and the feeling of being 'free' really made all the difference in the world. I'm now back at work - which still sucks lol - but I'm not feeling the same as I did before I left. I had been feeling very stressed and run down, the vibe in the office was dark and heavy, but since I've been back it's like a physical fog has been lifted. Brilliant.

Here's one of my absolutely favourite photos from the holiday - me with Acai the dolphin! <3 I'm seriously in LOVE.

Also wanted to address a fear I had in a previous post that was the rollercoaster seats. Would I be able to fit in them without total body-slamming from the attractive staff members to get the harnesses to shut around me?
The answer was... not resounding, but still a faint croak of "yes".

I thought my tummy/waist would be the problem area, but when I went on the Hulk in Universal's Islands of Adventure I was dumfounded to find that it was the tops of my thighs that were the big problem! I went to sit down in the extremely hard and completely unforgiving seat and wedged myself at the top, and stopped! I thought, "Oh no, I'm not going all the way in, I'll have to go to row 3 or 6 with the adjusted seating!" :-O I was mortified. But I was determined that I was going to get into the 'normal' seats, so I just kinda jumped down into the seat and really stuck myself in there - at least I wasn't going to fall out! On the way out afterwards I almost couldn't stand up right away (omg the split second of panic!) but I twisted my pelvis slightly and popped out like a wine bottle cork. It was all good! :D
Our last day we went back to IOA and I decided I wanted to try the Hulk again to see if the walking had made any difference. The good news is that it did! I was still uncomfortable in the seat but I could tell it was easier than the first time I'd gone on, so all that walking and all those stairs really did make a difference in less than 2 weeks! If that's not proof I can do this if I put my mind to it, I don't know what is. Non-scale VICTORY! *\o/*

And I had no back trouble the entire trip!  A few clicks here and there as we were nearing the end of the holiday but there was nothing major (my mother was worried about the rollercoasters). The only thing that caused a problem was Space Mountain. It was dark (hello, it's meant to be space, where are the glow in the dark stars?!) and very jerky so I didn't know when to tense up and release, and when my friend and I came off we were both complaining of neck problems. I still have a stiffness there now that my chiropractor is sorting, which I hope will be soon because I've been having a lot of headaches since that day - including a migraine on the journey home which with all the screaming babies on the 8-hour flight you can imagine how wonderful an experience that was ;-)

The fund has been started to go again!

Be healthy, loves.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

... and they're like, "You're not Kelis."


So here's a recipe while I side-step that cringey attempt at humour. I made the best tasting milkshake/smoothie I've never had yesterday, and I want to share it with you!

This made about 3 glasses full (which I didn't realise at the time so I was rather stuffed afterwards! Will definitely reduce the numbers next time).

200g strawberries
50g white grapes
200ml 0.1% skimmed milk
20g banana flavoured protein powder (I use this one)
1tsp ground cinnamon
generous pinch of ground ginger

I'm serious, it was DELICIOUS. I think I found heaven in a milkshake. I'm actually glad it made so much because I savoured every. single. mouthful.

... my photography skills need work ;-)

Be healthy, loves.

*grumble grumble*

Ugh. Being a woman is hard. *whimpers*
Ladies, you feel me.

PROTEIN!! Check.
WATER!! Check.
SLEEP!! ... err, when I get home (" ,)

Be healthy, loves.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Progress, and finally coming good on a promise

Wow, is all I can say.

Not just because I'm actually blogging after I've been to my Supernatural convention (remember last year's promise? Oops.) but because of the convention itself and the following days.

The good news is that while I was away I managed to lose 4.2lbs (woohoo!)... the bad news is it's back on again (boooo.)
Since I've been back I've had my usual travelling sickness so haven't seen the inside of a gym or had a fast day and I'm starting to feel it.  I'm fasting today so good luck vibes please!

My favourite picture is this one of me and Misha Collins (who plays Castiel on Supernatural).

It was the first time in 5 conventions I'd asked anyone for a pose that wasn't a hug, and he was the first person that morning I had a photo with.  While I was in the queue I suddenly thought that I had to say something to him... so I said "Do your best model pose", and so this is the result.
I swear I'm never smiling in pictures again, I didn't even have to Photoshop it when I got home :P
But wowzers, when I gained weight it seemed to go to my boobs!

So! I promised last year I would post side-by-sides... and here they are.
Yes, they're all of me and Misha :P (he's adorable, funny, and not even my fave character but I always love getting a pic with him)
In 2012 I hated pretty much every picture I had at that convention, it was dark times (and as it turned out, 5 months before my major back relapse) but they've slowly been getting better ;-)
I think it goes bigger if you click on it.

One of my favourite actors is Ty Olsson (he plays the vampire Benny). Here are my pics from last year and this year:
*happy, happy sigh* ;-)

Eventually the plan is to get my photos onto my Flickr account, but jings, it's a lot of work!

For the Supernatural fans reading this (if any lol), if you know of Jason Manns - he's a friend of Jensen Ackles and one of his songs has featured on the show - you'll know that he comes over to do a small gig at the conventions on the Saturday night which is a welcome relaxing couple of hours after a hectic day of queues and more queues.
Well, this time I went to see him in a small gig in London after the convention with my friend Trudy - who kindly let me sleep on her couch.

The first thing I noticed was that they didn't have either drink that I like... shocking... but the bartender suggested a butterscotch schnapps with pineapple juice.  I thought 'what the hell'... and it was so yummy! It was like alcoholic Butterbeer! I've found my new drink.  Bless you, unequipped bartender, bless you.
But then the weirdness started happening - Ty Olsson comes down the stairs to see his friend Jason play a gig - I was on a night out and Ty Olsson showed up! Surreal.
He enjoys a drink and a dance and a chat with the ladies, but I was so shy I could hardly say a word (talk about a wasted opportunity LOL) but he was like 10ft away at any one time, it was extremely thrilling.

And then - you won't believe this - JARED PADALECKI came in!!! Lordy I nearly passed out because I was NOT expecting that! I was on a night out and Jared Padalecki turns up with his wife Genevieve (who looked so pretty she made me smile)!!  Their bodyguard (who was a supporting character on Supernatural in season 2 I think) he looked a tad scary so I didn't say anything to Jared or Gen either. I completely fail, fellow fans! I fail. I was trying so hard to be cool and non-invasive and I must have come off as uninterested. Damnit!
But oh dear lord it was the most surreal night of my life. And it was the first time in a long time when I got in at 4.30am - dirty stopout! LOL. The sun was coming up!

In other news - I'm in a couple of June challenges on Facebook and I'm feeling good about it. I'm hoping to lose 5lbs this month, but to be honest I'll take whatever I can get ;-)
Day 11 of my plank challenge today and it was the hardest day yet - 40 seconds has never seemed so long!  
Are you in any weightloss challenges, or are you doing anything like the plank challenge? Let me know how you're getting on!

Be healthy, loves <3

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Patience is a virtue!

Ah, patience.

In weightloss (it never happens as quickly as you'd like!)
In love (starting to think I'm terminally single)
In blogging (I'll get better I promise!).

So I was bored at work today for a few mins and put a start of a blog post together. It's a general ramble, and will include pics of my Supernatural convention - and possibly those side by sides I promised in 2013 - but as I didn't have the pics on my work computer I didn't finish the post.

However, I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on getting better at posting, and getting better at losing weight (we'll forget the failed fast day today LOL) and getting better at fitness.

You know, I can hold a (shaky) plank for 35 seconds now! Woot to me!  The extended arm one, not the one with the elbows on the ground.  I'm doing a 30 day plank challenge with a friend and we are extending it to 60 days because my core is suuuuuper flabby.

Planning on going to the gym tomorrow so if the blog post doesn't get posted from work (don't tell my boss!) then it'll be this weekend. But it's coming! :D

Be healthy, loves.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Well, woo hoo to me!

:) Hello sweeties!

So, since last we spoke things have been moving - and rather surprisingly - in the right direction (weeee!). I'll update the weigh-in page later on as I'll need to figure out how to display it eg: do I keep the old weights and measurements or do I just start fresh from when I 'started over' again at the beginning of April?

Anywhoo... that's made me quite chirpy.

I've started a new plan called 5:2 - or intermittent fasting - where for two days a week you eat 500 calories in a day (600 for men) and for the other five days you just eat normally. Thankfully there's hardly any calories in vegetables! I had a very large salad the other day with tuna and a little cheese and it only came to 262 calories!
I'm finding it a lot easier when I fast at work which is odd as I used to eat out of boredom, but I can't do it at home as I live by myself so there's no one to distract me or tell me to put down those waffles! LOL. *sigh* One day I'll get the hang of weekend fasting, one day.

So far (I only started last week) I'm down 1.4lbs, so I'm pleasantly surprised by the change. Especially as even if I had started this last October I doubt it would have worked with that medication I was on so I'm feeling good that I'm on the right path now. It's been a long time coming and I intend to make the most of it!

I'll still be keeping up the gym after my few days away next week - and I'm going to start going to Yoga classes to help my back (I've been scared in the past that I would over stretch and completely do myself a disservice... I still have that fear a wee bit). I won't be going to the gym on a fast day - I don't know how people can do that!  If I'm burning 700+ calories I do not want to be passing out on the treadmill! LOL, not attractive.

Do you ever have moments where you just feel like your life is changing?
I'm starting to get that butterfly feeling and it's exciting! :D
This time in 4 months I will be in Orlando - let's do this thing!

Be healthy, loves. <3

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Suitably embarrassed.

I realise it's been FAR too long since I posted.... it's almost that time of year again where I go to my Supernatural convention, and I haven't even posted the photos from last year! 
I suck. I'm sorry.

But I think posting them now would make me feel pretty bad as I've somehow managed to put back on 12lbs (was a bit more but I've lost a few!) and I'm feeling very shameful, as I should.

*TMI warning*
I started taking a new birth control pill last October (not for that reason) and it increased my appetite so much that from November to March I basically ate everything in sight. It was horrific, I can't believe I let it go on for so long but it made me slightly depressed. Okay, a lot depressed and last winter was the worst I've ever experienced. 
However now I am over my denial (I was still fitting in the same clothes... just) and I am finally on a different pill which has decreased my appetite somewhat so I am now able to go more than 2 hours without eating a kitchen.  It has given me the potential for losing weight and I am happy about that.

So stay tuned folks, let's see if this year I can finally get this chub OFF!  I'm going to Orlando in September for the new Harry Potter themepark expansion - DIAGON ALLEEEEYYYY!! - and I want to be able to fit into the rollercoaster seats and feel like I can fit in them comfortably without having the (usually super cute) staff have to force the bars or harnesses down... again.

LOL how's that for a non-scale goal ;-)

Be healthy my lovelies!  I'm slightly more active on my Twitter account, you can find me at @RunRaineyRun :)

p.s... maybe I'll post side-by-sides of my convention pictures from the past few years... depending on how they turn out this time lol!